Profite Method
How to make more profit


At each time AXF transaction happens(buy/sell/transfer), 1%~2% AXF transaction amount will be shared to all AXF holders according to their holding percentage , hold more will earn more.

Be a Liquidity Provider, x10 your profit

AXF holders add the token pair(BNB/AXF; BUSD/AXF) to AXF Liquidity Pool will become a liquidity provider, liquidity provider will share 2%~10% from AXF transaction amount as LP token. read more about how to become a liquidity provider.

Join Marketing Team, Share 10M BUSD Reward

AXF 10M BUSD Marketing Rewards.pdf

Farm With LP Token (coming soon)

AXF LP Token holder can use AXF LP token to do farming, and receive BNB or BUSD or AXF